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Formation of marketing strategy and an assessment of potential customers, taking into account creation of the comfort environment in a building and its best positioning in the market...


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Engineering in building it is a development of design documents, structural and other engineering specifications intended for realization of capital construction.

Actually, the project is understood as the full, detailed plan of object, taking into account all components. Building designs, knots, details, the bases, various engineering systems and networks will be project elements.

Besides, in the plan can include development of the special sections considering such moments, as the building organization, drawing up of the necessary documentation including the estimate, possibilities of the further beautification, the possible changes, offered variants of the object life prolongation and so on.

ELIT GROUP implements a comprehensive and customized general construction plan that serves the customer’s best interest at all times, executing every facet of the construction process from start-to-finish with a keen eye for detail. Our designers, engineers, construction managers and the site planners will sit down with you to learn exactly what you want - then turn your dreams into reality.

Building engineering consists of following basic stages:

1. Development of the building concept (draft design, several alternative variants).

2. Design development of the chosen concept (plans, facades, sectional drawings of chosen variant of the project).

3. The building project - the basement, slabs, roofing, heat insulation, elements, details (including calculations and all specifications).

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